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And Action … The universe is us!

Our universe is colorful and exciting, with cool technology especially for us, because here WE are the professionals. Just one click and off you go!

Geschwister mit Kiddypix Blizz

Everything for creative minds big and small

Because it is important to give even the youngest ones enough freedom to discover their own abilities and talents, we accompany them on their mission – to discover the world!

Children want to understand everything from their own point of view, explore exciting concepts, environments and nature. Therefore, Kiddypix children’s cameras focuse on child-friendly design. Thanks to thicker, easy-grip surfaces and ergonomic shapes, kids can hold the cameras easily and securely with both hands.

They can decide for themselves whether they want to take photos or videos, play games or record sounds and add funny effects to them. Everything is an adventure to discover.

You’re never too small to be great.

Pablo presenting Kiddypix Childrens' Camera Kinderkameras
Kiddypix Blizz Pink mit Tasche


Childrens camera with dual lenses including hardshell case

Kiddypix Blizz Blau mit Tasche


Childrens camera with dual lenses including hardshell case

Kiddypix Robozz Childrens' Camera Kinderkamera


Childrens camera

Kiddypix Mystery


Childrens camera with dual lenses

Kiddypix Galaxy


Childrens camera with dual lenses

Magic LCD Board


LCD Painting board

Pablo presenting Kiddypix Childrens' Camera Kinderkameras

Pablo shows you how to use a Kiddypix children’s camera

Pablo loves cameras, and everything you can use to take pictures and videos. He always takes his camera with him to shoot exciting pictures and videos and capture his most exciting and  colourful journeys with his friends. That’s why he’s happy to help you with your photo adventure!

Come and visit his section where he has prepared some helpful tips for you.

Go to Pablo's site

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It is our responsibility to look after the environment

Cameras are of course great fun, but you must be responsible with them.

That’s why we recommend using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.

Kiddypix children’s cameras are offered in the smallest possible packaging sizes to avoid unnecessary packaging material. Parents should however ensure that they always dispose of the packaging in the correct manner: please dispose of cardboard and plastics according to your local recycling regulations. Thank you very much.

Kiddypix Childrens' Camera Kinderkameras